Alue Standard Poodles is a breeder of fully health tested, purposefully bred solid and multi color Poodles. Our mission is to produce stunning dogs that have correct conformation for a lifetime of stability, solid temperaments to make them the best family members they can be and to help bring structure, type, and pedigree into multi color Standard Poodles. We do not breed based on color, and we do not breed based on titles and ribbons. We keep health, temperament, structure, diversity, and goals in  mind with each potential breeding we do. We do not breed for just ourselves, we breed to better the breed. 

We are also working on bringing breed genetic diversity into our program through the use of careful breeding plans using Betterbred and UC Davis to make informed decisions on the relatedness of our dogs to each other and to the Standard Poodle population. 

All of the Alue crew is health tested above CHIC level requirements for the breed, and all health testing is made public. We use Betterbred's diversity test with all of our dogs as well. 

All puppies will be raised with Puppy Culture along with Avi Dog protocols. Both programs have the same end goal in mind but use different methods to get there. By using both, I firmly believe it sets our puppies and their new families up for success right from day one. 

Each puppy will have Volhard temperament testing done before placement to ensure each family gets the puppy best suited for their needs and lifestyle. 
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Website updated - 2/18/2021

I am a member in good standing of Versatility In Poodles, United Poodle Association, and I am a member of Avidog's Breeder College.