Alue is located just outside of Louisville, KY and is home to a herd of Poodles and my shelter mutt Kennedy.

I graduated high school in the year 2011 and got my first dog shortly after graduating a nuclear radiation protection technician program, which sent me to Ohio a few weeks later. While in Ohio, I ended up getting Kennedy, so I came home with two dogs and it snowballed from there. 

In 2012 I got my first Standard Poodle, a beautiful white male named Prancer. He was the first Poodle I'd ever even seen in person! I had begun fostering dogs at this time, and he was my first. After placing Prancer in his new family, I was bit with the Poodle bug! I never went long without a Poodle just seeming to fall into my lap that needed help, and after my fourth foster, I decided it was time to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, which was to get a show dog. As it goes however, I had one last Poodle that needed my help, and a year later, I added Kovu in October of 2016. 

My dogs are my family. They are my everything. I pride myself on making sure my dogs are always happy, healthy, and well cared for. You'll often hear me refer to them as "the kids", and my living room is often littered with toys. With my background coming from rescue and dealing with much heartbreak, I understand all too well the need for wonderful family pets who will be a staple in their family's lives for years to come.

I am less than 10 years into my journey in showing and performance sports, but that doesn't slow us down! I presently show my dogs in UKC & AKC conformation. We currently compete in UKC and AKC performance sports. All of my current household dogs have ranked in either UKC conformation or sports & we have seen storybook success in AKC. We love showing, but we love laying around the house and playing fetch just as much! 

Kovu, Harper, and Kennedy after Kovu's retirement show!