Welcome to the Color FAQ's Section!

Located in the drop down menu, you will find a section on Merle Poodle Mixes, Multi Colors, and Solid Colors.
On the Multi Color page, you will find Kovu's color testing results with an explanation of how to read the results as well as how the different color loci work with each other.
On the Solid Colors page, you will find at the bottom genetic news "updates" in the form of new papers and new testing. 

All dogs included in their color collages were given to me with permission and owners have been credited on their photos. Color testing has been verified for accuracy and transparency. 

I do not claim to be an expert and my website is not to be taken as an "educational article". I have been wrong in the past and will continue to update my website with correct wording, new studies, new papers, and new tests. You will find links to all breed standards scattered throughout, you will find a link to a color genetics page that helped teach me all I know five years ago when I got Kovu and wanted a deeper understanding of color genetics and how they apply to Poodles.

I hope you find these sections educational!!

 no one has permission to take my photos, my writting, or any mixture for their own purpose and gain without my explicit permission.