Retired Dogs of Alue Standard Poodles

Here you will find all the retired dogs of our program. Retired can mean dogs that finished a successful breeding career and now live as cherished pets or dogs that had to be removed from the program for one reason or another and went on to a loving pet home. Whatever the reason may be, the dogs on this list are adored through all phases in their journey no matter what twists and turns their road may have taken. 


UCH Alue's Taking The High Road by Trademark

Halo was spayed and placed in a pet home in July of 2020! You can click on her page link below to see everything she accomplished while she was with us!


UR03 UCH Alue's midwest special atd total dog x5 - akc major pointed

Pumbaa was neutered and removed from our program as a potential stud dog in April of 2024. You can click on his page link below to see everything he has accomplished & more information on his upbringing,