Puppy Rearing Techniques and Philosophies

We follow Avidog's puppy rearing program while raising our pups. While we have moved away from Puppy Culture as a puppy raising system, we still highly recommend their showing series for anyone interested in showing their Alue Poodle, whether just for fun or for keeps!
Puppy Culture : We are huge fans of their show set "Stack and Deliver" for training show puppies!! I also recommend the book "When Pigs Fly" for help training stubborn dogs. 
Avidog is like an online college for dog owners from breeders to puppy owners to senior dog owners. It's an amazing resource for everyone involved in a dogs life. We love it for the fact we can purchase courses that we are interested in like Avidog puppy evaluation test, stud dog course, and more. We are really looking forward to using it for prenatal care! When your new puppy comes home they will also have a copy of Avidog's puppy exercise guideline! Avidog also has tons of courses for puppy owners with courses from teaching your puppy to swim to making your car rides go as smoothly as possible! I love everything about Avidog and cannot sing it's praises enough. The science behind what Avidog does is second to none and we feel it truly gives our puppies an edge above the rest.
For Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), we also follow The Rule of Sevens. The rule of sevens is a basic outline of things puppies should experience by seven weeks. However, at Alue our puppies will not be going home until 10 weeks of age, so while our puppies will be exposed to things outlined in the rule of sevens, our puppies will experience these things an extra few weeks! When you take the time to expose puppies to as many things as possible at a young age versus an older dog you have a blank template to work with and grow from. When the puppies are with us, we can help guide our puppies through these experiences and through their fear stages as baby puppies. We also use these experiences to help learn about our puppies' temperaments and how they deal with new experiences and challenges. 


    About Our Puppies

    Alue Standard Poodle puppies are only available to pre approved, screen homes. Our puppies are sold on limited AKC registration with a contract all parties sign. No puppies are sold outright, any sold with full rights are only available to approved and trusted breeders on co-ownership contracts.

    Alue Standard Poodles will not sell to any doodle mix breeders, merle mix breeders, puppy mills, puppy brokers, pet stores, or for any other ethical issue.

    For vaccinations, we follow the Avidog method of pulling nomographs on our dams and deciding on our vaccine protocol based on the actual science provided by her immunity levels. That way, we aren't overriding momma's immunity by vaccinating too early, nor are we leaving our puppies susceptible to disease by waiting too long for our first vaccinations.
    Alue puppies are handled daily, and our puppy family will have access to our cameras so they can check in on the litter whenever they want! This is something we are very excited to offer our families! Our puppies will experience all sorts of new sights, sounds, people, and they will, of course, meet all the adult dogs in the house! Depending on weather we have a baby pool for the pups. We have a ball pit, we have a lot of loud bright baby toys for the puppies, we have tunnels, baby slides, all sorts of fun things! Our puppies will be introduced to crate training, leash training, and boundary training. 

    What Your Puppy Comes Home With

    We send your Alue puppy home with:
    Variety of Brands Puppy Pack Kits
    A Week of Food
    Personal Customized Gift from K9 Celtic
    Customized Snuffle Gifts
    Pre Paid limited AKC registration
    Pre Paid AKC Reunite Microchip
    Treats, Toys, a blanket filled with mom and siblings scent
    Contract with 6 year health guarantee that covers hips, elbows, cardiac and thyroid issues
    Lifetime Breeder Support
    Binder with all Health Testing & Vet Appointment Information
    A Closed Facebook Group for Alue Puppy Owners 
    Extras That Change with Each Litter!

    Shipping Information 

    We are located in southeast Nebraska, but don't let that hold you back! We have been contacted by people all over the country for a puppy. Whether you want your puppy delivered to you or you want to meet in the middle, we can make it happen!
    Prices for ground shipment are subject to change due to gas prices

    • Trips under 2 hours round trip are of no cost to the puppy family
    • Trips 3-5 hours are $350+
    • Trips 6-8 hours are $550+
    • Trips 9-10 hours are $950+

    If ground transportation is not an option, puppy buyers have the option of flying into either Kansas City International Airport or Eppley Airfield to pick up your puppy to fly as carry on with you home. In some cases I may be able to fly your puppy to your local airport - you will be responsible for the cost of the carrier, the price of the carry on, and the price of the plane ticket along with a $400 fee for my time and expenses. We also offer puppy nanny services!



    Alue Standard Poodles start at $2,500 for limited registration and can go up from there depending on pedigree, emergency costs, and any expenses related to getting the litter on the ground. Breeding rights are only granted to trusted breeders, please do not ask to buy full registration because it will not be granted.


    Do you charge more for "rare" colors?

    Absolutely not. All of our puppies from our solids to our multis are the same price. We do not charge more for our sables, phantoms, or any other color or pattern. The same amount of time, effort, and love have been invested into each puppy, and coat color does not change that. 


    Currently we feed Ancestral Grains Farmina kibble. Puppies will be weaned to Royal Canin Starter Mousse and the same kibble Harper is eating.



    We follow a limited vaccine protocol starting with vaccinating per nomograph results, and we require our families to follow as best as their area allows them to. We ask our families to follow the nomograph and we will pay for the fee to send it in to the lab. We live in a low-risk area but we fully acknowledge not everyone does. We ask that you discuss any vaccination additions with your vet and us; some areas will need a Lepto vaccine, others like mine do not. So please speak to your vet and see what they suggest you do. We urge you to consider three-year boosters instead of yearly. We also support titer testing if available. 


    Returning Alue Puppy Owners

    We offer our returning puppy buyers a discount of $300 to show our love and appreciation for those families who decide to return for another family member. If you've accomplished a title in AKC or UKC, we discount your next puppy by $500! 

    Spay and Neuter

    It is in our contract that our puppies must be altered by two years of age. We absolutely insist that our puppies not be altered before 11 months of age unless medically necessary and we require veterinary proof. There have been numerous studies done on early spay and neuter and the impacts it has on the dogs' orthopedic structure and hormonal and tempermental health. We understand that spay and neuter is a controversial topic these days, but we firmly believe that science has proven that waiting is the best thing we can do for our dogs. This paper is long, but is in depth and explains why we believe what we do and breaks down the information and findings from studies and how it translates to males and females.